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Thinking about planning a large event and need some professional help?

Please contact our team today for help, support and advice

Welcome to The Old Exchange Live Events...

We can help you plan and organised your event and specialise in the large events such as Music and Beer Festivals, Corporate Events, Private Functions and shows with 1000’s of guests attending. The Old Exchange Live Events probably have the biggest mobile bar you've ever seen and we are fully self sufficient with all our own equipment including a 45ft artic refrigerator lorry, large remote coolers, 30 + beer fonts, upright display fridges, 26m front bar, back bar units, beer tent, real ale racking and cooling system, generator, LED lighting, mobile card payments accepted, 30 staff plus all the beer and other drinks required ! So if your looking for a very professional mobile bar service with years of experience and fully trained staff please get in touch today, our attention to detail, quality service and reasonable bar prices is what separates us from the competition.

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Starting in February 2011 we hosted our first LIVE event with "The Complete Valentines Evening” and the success of this first event gave ourselves the confidence to organise many other great nights of entertainment including the well supported "Comedy Night” - "Music Night” - "Halloween Party” - "Valentines Evening" - "Charity Balls" - "Corporate Party" - "Race Night" - "The First 2015 Holbeach Music and Beer Festival" - "Football Presentation Evening" - "The 2016 Holbeach Music and Beer Festival" - "Celebrity Charity Football Tournament" - "The 2017 Holbeach Music and Beer Festival" - "FREE Entry Band Night" - “The 2018 Holbeach Music and Beer Festival” - “Battle Of The Bands Competition” - “Country Show” - “The 2019 Holbeach Music and Beer Festival” - “Our 10 Year Anniversary Party” and hopefully more to come !!

Do you need a Temporary Event Notice or Premises Licence?

A Simple Guide to Premises Licence

Rules for Events

A large event or festival, if you did not know already, is a big complicated thing. And like most big, complicated things, there are nooks and crannies, shadowy areas that can catch you unawares. We understand the alcohol and licensing law, and want to tell you both about the basics, together with shining a light on some of these darker crevices.

The Basics

If you want to sell alcohol or provide live and/or recorded music to more than 500 people after 11:00pm then you will almost certainly need a premises licence under the Licensing Act 2003.

For alcohol, you will need a Designated Premises Supervisor who holds a Personal Licence and you will have to complete an application form together with detailed layout plans. This application is either sent by post to the Licensing Authority together with eight other so-called "Responsible Authorities" or (and this is the first tip) if you send it via the Licensing Authority"s electronic facility (if they have one, and most do) the Licensing Authority will send it on for you, saving you postal and printing costs, as well as time in checking that the addresses for these Authorities are all up to date and that you have served them correctly.
If there are no objections to your application it should be granted after 28 days. If there are objections, you would normally expect to have a hearing within two months of originally issuing the application.
So far, so good. Except that if you are planning on having a new festival or large outdoor event in June and think that you can therefore issue your application at the end of March / beginning of April you are probably living in cloud cuckoo land.

Pre-Application consultation

Most councils have Safety Advisory Groups ("SAGs") which are non-statutory bodies made up of relevant agencies to help you run a safe event, one that is not ridiculously noisy and does not clog up the local streets or country lanes for three weeks either side.
Many Authorities like to be contacted at least a year to six months before a new event in order to provide this important advice. Whilst they are by their very name "advisory", some of the Responsible Authorities (the Police, Environmental Health, Health and Safety and Licensing for example) have the power, if necessary and justified, to prevent your event going ahead or at least to impose terms which are not commercially viable for you. Consult them early, heed their advice they need to know that you know what you are talking about.

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